Our Sponsors for 2017

We are currently looking for sponsors (patrons) for the third annual Woolwell Centre Local Business & Community Awards to take place on 22 September 2017


Agreed Patrons, so far, include -

  • GA Solicitors
  • Plessey Semiconductors
  • Kershaw Spencer Associates Limited/360financialadvice

If you would like more details please speak to James Peterson on 01752 203520

Gold, Silver and Bronze Business Patrons

Details and prices current for 2017

There are three business packages for sponsorship/advertising at The Woolwell Centre.  Businesses taking up these will be classed as ‘Patrons’ of The Woolwell Centre. The three packages available:

BRONZE PATRONS (£50 per annum):

● Business cards set out prominently on reception.

SILVER PATRONS (£150 per annum):

● As per Bronze Patrons PLUS:

● Automatically also Patrons of our main ‘Business and Community Awards’ for no extra charge together with the extensive publicity that goes with that event.

● Dedicated area on the website about the business and links to their own websites etc.  All details to be provided by the business and then uploaded by The Woolwell Centre.

● Advertising on ‘Silver Patrons’ Board at The Woolwell Centre with space for business cards, posters and hand-outs.

GOLD PATRONS (£250 per annum):

● As per Silver Package PLUS:

● Advertising on the more prominent ‘Gold Patrons’ Board rather than the Silver Patrons Board.

● Option to present an Award at the ‘Business and Community Awards’ together with the publicity that goes with that.

● A Chosen Room at The Woolwell Centre named after their business.  Each room will have its normal name (which is always the same) and its business name (which alters as the patrons alter) for example: “The Bickleigh Suite” – “The Coca Cola Bickleigh Suite”

● Additional Bespoke Option (for an agreed additional cost): Specific advertising in the Chosen Room to be agreed in advance between The Woolwell Centre and the Parton.  Details of banners/posters/materials/advertising etc.to be agreed with the Manager of The Woolwell Centre.